Golden Years

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Retirement has been called the vacation of life, where one can discover more about the beauty of life at a leisurely pace. To be able to fully enjoy your golden y​ears vacation, early planning and saving will be helpful as preparation.

It is also during your golden years that your Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings provides you with monthly payouts to take care of your basic needs.​​



Starting EarlyStarting Earlyhttps://www.areyouready.sg/YourLifeEvents/Pages/GoldenYears-StartingEarly.aspx<p>​<span lang="EN-GB">You may not have thought about the amount of savings needed for your retirement. Thinking early gives you more time to plan and prepare. </span>​</p>
Planning For Your Golden YearsPlanning For Your Golden Yearshttps://www.areyouready.sg/YourLifeEvents/Pages/GoldenYears-PlanningForYourGoldenYears.aspx<p>The CPF LIFE scheme provides you with a monthly payout from your payout eligibility age, which is currently at age 65, to meet your retirement needs.​​</p>
Maximising Your Retirement FundsMaximising Your Retirement Fundshttps://www.areyouready.sg/YourLifeEvents/Pages/GoldenYears-MaximisingYourRetirementFunds.aspx<p>​<span lang="EN-GB">Having turned 55, you are one step closer to receiving payouts from your CPF during your retirement years. However, this does not mean you are unable to continue building your CPF savings. </span>​</p>
Additional ResourcesAdditional Resourceshttps://www.areyouready.sg/YourLifeEvents/Pages/GoldenYears-Additional-Resources.aspx<p>​More information about your Golden Years.​</p>

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