Understanding InvestingUnderstanding Investinghttps://www.areyouready.sg/YourLifeEvents/Pages/Investing-Understand-Investing.aspx<p><span lang="EN-GB">Once you set aside funds for your savings, you may be considering making investments to grow your money. </span> </p>
Additional ResourcesAdditional Resourceshttps://www.areyouready.sg/YourLifeEvents/Pages/Investing-Additionalresources.aspx<p>​Additional resources for Investing​<br/></p>

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4 Financial Mistakes You Will Regret in the Future4 Financial Mistakes You Will Regret in the Futurehttps://www.areyouready.sg/YourInfoHub/Pages/Views_4-Financial-Mistakes-You-Will-Regret-in-the-Future_Fifthperson.aspx<p>​It's common to ignore serious financial mistakes and money issues until you need your first house, first car, first surgery, etc</p>
Simple Secrets To Building WealthSimple Secrets To Building Wealthhttps://www.areyouready.sg/YourInfoHub/Pages/Views-Simplesecretstobuildingwealth.aspx<p>​There are probably tons of books written on how one can get rich or become wealthy. Yet, the secret to building wealth is probably much simpler than most people can imagine.</p>
Billionaire's advice on how to get richBillionaire's advice on how to get richhttps://www.areyouready.sg/YourInfoHub/Pages/News-Billionaires-advice-on-how-to-get-rich-SUT20160731.aspx<p>​Read extensively, grasp core concepts across varied disciplines, and do not stop learning</p>
How to invest if you have $20k or moreHow to invest if you have $20k or morehttps://www.areyouready.sg/Pages/News-How-to-invest-if-you-have-$20k-or-more-sSUT20150719.aspx<p>​What would you do if you had an extra $20,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 sitting in the bank?</p>
Should you buy bonds?Should you buy bonds?https://www.areyouready.sg/Pages/News_Should-you-buy-bonds_SUT20150517.aspx<p>​BONDS are a safe investment, which means they will have a lower return than stocks, which are more risky. Higher risks, higher returns, you know.</p>

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