How to become an Financial Influencer and Make Money in Singapore 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • Financial influencers can monetize their expertise and following in Singapore through various channels.
  • Authenticity and providing value are key to building a trusting audience.
  • Diversifying income streams is crucial for sustainable financial influence.

In the digital age, financial influencers in Singapore are redefining entrepreneurship. By leveraging social platforms, they turn savvy insights into profitable ventures. This guide illuminates how you can carve out your niche and monetize your financial acumen online.

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How can one become a financial influencer and make money in Singapore? By creating valuable content, engaging with an audience authentically, and diversifying monetization strategies—such as sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and financial coaching—individuals can build a lucrative online presence in the finance niche.

Is there a person in your life, who you take advice from and listen to intently? Everybody has a person like this in his or her life. They can be parents, siblings, friends, colleagues etc. It is safe to say that this person has an Influence in your life. Scale this relationship to thousands of more people then you are looking at an Influencer.

Who is an Influencer?

As humans, we’ve always looked to other humans to make decisions. We ape people and we want to be like them. Also, most humans like authority that can guide us. In the present day, an Influencer is a person who generally carries original thought and people follow him or her for these thoughts. Influencers are the people who have answers to people’s questions more often than not.

The modern day Influencer

An Influencer in the Internet era is an expert in a niche. This niche can be a smaller component in bigger niche. For example, In the financial niche, people can be Stock Trading Guru or a Forex Expert. There are bigger picture Influencers who talk about the future of fundamental investing like Warren Buffet for example.

Qualities and characteristics of a modern day Influencer

  • A modern day Influencer has a following on platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Medium etc.
  • The Influencer has an e-mail list through which they send updates and communicate to their followers
  • An Influencer has thoughts and opinions about their field.
  • An influencer is also the first experimenter of everything in their field, so they could give reviews about them to their followers.

So those are about Influencers, In the next section of the article we’ll be talking about how to become an Influencer and make money.

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financial influencer how?

How to become an Influencer

Becoming an Influencer is constantly learning and putting yourself out there.

  • Pick your niche

We all have a lot of different skills. We might have hobbies that we are good at and so on. Picking the niche that you want to be good at is important because you’ll have to commit to it for years and years. You cannot become a person of authority in just a year or few months. It takes time and commitment. So when you pick a niche, make sure that you are interested and like what you do.

  • Start executing everyday and get actual experience

A big problem these days is the number of people who don’t walk the talk. They don’t have any real experience or they have one small experience and they keep talking about it. If you are an Commodities Influencer then you better have talk about Gold, Silver or Oil Trading.

  • Learn from your experiences, document it and talk about that

An Influencer is a person who always learns and teaches his/her followers the lessons he has learnt. Influencers more often than not have strong documenting of their work so they can break it down for their followers. When you are writing an article about e-mail list building, it would be more valuable for your readers if you give them a step by step strategy on how to grow.

  • Picking the channels

Pick a few channels where you want to be active. Your website is obviously an important channel because that is where the business happens. Facebook is another… Apart from that, do you want to write on Medium or Quora. You’ll have to decide. A good channel is what brings you more traffic. Facebook may not be the right channel for you if you are in a serious niche.

  • Make Videos

Putting a face behind the content is very important to magnify your reach. Video is a medium which is doing really well and you need to take advantage of it. Take Gary Vaynerchuk as an example. He is an influencer and he is in every sort of medium including Snapchat. Get your face in front of the camera and the more people see you, the better it is for your brand.

  • Become a speaker at events

Believe it or not, there aren’t enough influencers and subject matter experts in this world. Events are happening throughout the world and are happening every month. Cold e-mail these event managers and tell them that you would like an opportunity to speak. The best part is, you can work your way from the bottom. Doing smaller events and then to the bigger events.

  • Be consistent in your writing

One thing about Influencers is, they are always in front of people’s eyeballs and mind space. As an Influencer you have to become a habit in people’s lives and this works only through constantly being present in front of people’s screens. Set up a content creation calendar and stick to it. Don’t look at number of likes or follows or anything else. For the first few months, your focus should be on producing as much as content as possible.

  • Be a Master Networker

Being an Influencer means associating yourself with other top influencers. Their brand rubs off on you and it amplifies your credibility. Once you have that brand created, business will be on autopilot.

Making money as an Influencer

The ways you can make money as an Influencer is through writing books, consulting, speaking engagements. Don’t promote yourself directly through your content. If you are an finance educator and have helped your client, write an article about it, mention your structure and so on.

Selling books is also a good way of generating good money. As an Influencer you can sell your book on Amazon and promote it on your e-mail list, upsell it during your speaking engagements and tie up with organisations to buy it in bulk.

Getting consulting gigs is pretty straightforward when your content is already out there and people can see your work.

More than anything else, being an Influencer is adding value to your followers. If you can add value and help people, then you are an influencer and you only have to reach more people and help them.

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