Why would you buy Personal Insurance Online in Singapore?

No one can neglect the rapid emergence of e-commerce in Singapore. We now order cabs and taxis via an app and compare the rates by having multiple apps open. Whenever we do not have the energy to go to a mall or hawker centre, there are multiple apps that let us order food within the comfort of our home. When we don’t have time to stop for groceries, we can order it while on our daily commute and it might be delivered as early as later on that same day. Who goes to a travel agent nowadays when you can compare everything online and buy it directly?

The way you buy services is changing

I hear you thinking… But these are consumer products and services. That is true! Banks are also moving into the digital space with apps and mobile banking. Have you seen the queues at a bank? Most things you can arrange via internet-banking. Most people are more than happy to select and pre-order their movie tickets online and by-pass long queues. Do you still buy CDs or DVDs? Or would you rather listen to an almost endless library of music or (binge) watch TV-series and movies whenever you want?

What has this to do with my Personal Insurance?

How do you get your Home Insurance or Travel Insurance? Most people know an insurance agent who can help them out with that. Usually that seems to works out fine because they offer you a limited choice between up to 3 different insurance companies.

Choice is good because you get to select what is best for you. Usually we go for the number 1 recommendation by our agent, right? Because (s)he is the expert, right? However, because the agent gets a commission based on every policy (s)he sells and an extra commission if (s)he reaches a certain sales level there is always a temptation for your agent to recommend you the policy (s)he makes the most commission on. And you were under the impression (s)he recommends the policy that suits your situation the best?

How often do you really challenge your agent? You probably do not really know what you are buying and you trust your agent? Do you know what is and isn’t covered? These are important questions because it determines whenever something happens you actually can get to use your Insurance Policy and claim back money. Not taking an interest yourself is convenient, but a gamble. A gamble that you are not adequately covered and a gamble that you are paying too much.

Compare and buy personal insurance online

Going on holiday and comparing hotel rooms or airline tickets is cool. Even, comparing different credit-cards on discounts and cash backs is a pleasurable thing to do. Comparing insurance might not be the most exciting thing to do. But, there will be times when you are happy that you put a little effort in comparing insurance policies. Especially, for the moments when there is a crisis you and you get the help you need and there are no hidden surprises or worse.

What type of Personal Insurance can you compare?

On Insurancemarket.sg, comparison is simple and convenient. You can compare and buy a multitude of different Personal Insurance policies. Insurancemarket.sg is a Singapore based market place for insurance and is a licensed insurance broker. In total 17 insurance companies have their polices on Insurancemarket.sg, so you are spoilt for choice.

On Insurancemarket.sg, you can now compare and buy these plans across many insurers:

  • Travel Insurance: plans for single trips such as holiday and also annual plans for the frequent travellers.
  • Home Insurance: we have plans for owners of HBD, Condo and landed houses and also for the renters. For renters, usually a Home Contents plan will suffice.
  • Pet Insurance: is only available for cats and dogs. Do note, for quite a few dogs, Pet Insurance is mandatory. It makes a lot of sense to take out a plan since vet-bills can become high quite quickly.
  • Maid Insurance: it is mandatory for your maid to have an insurance. If something happens it covers for medical bills and also if she is unable to work she still gets income which she can send overseas.
  • International Health Insurance: when you move to Singapore, a lot of companies arrange for this insurance. Have a look at the coverage. If your company doesn’t take care of this we compare them for you so you do not have to pay more that you should.
  • Personal Accident Insurance: if an accident happens to you, this plan (partly) covers for loss of income.
  • Car Insurance: mandatory insurance for your car. Without one you cannot drive.

What is new?

The comparison concept is not new. There are other insurance comparison sites in Singapore. Insurancemarket.sg is the first to offer buying insurance online directly. So, you are not referred to someone else’s website. This saves time since you do not need to re-type all your details. You also get unbiased online advice but their professional support staff will nevertheless help you if you get stuck with claiming. Compared to other sites, insurancemarket.sg have a super wide range of plans available across all products.

What’s different?

  • Insurancemarket.sg gives you the clarity of information you need and want since all the policy details, even the wordings, are available for comparison and all insurer discounts are passed on to clients.
  • Insurancemarket.sg has the broadest choice of different insurance plans and insurance companies. The platform allows you to personalise your requirements and will find the best match for you.
  • The selection process is convenient since you only have to fill in the minimum required details.
  • Your policies are stored online and available to you 24/7 in a handy policy account, made available for free.

Insurance Market, more for you!

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Written by Alexis van Dam:

Alexis is Marketing Director at Insurance Market. He guides the visitors of Insurance Market to the right place to compare and buy their personal insurances. He is passionate about customer experience and engages with visitors. He makes sure that Insurance market delivers on its promise.

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