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  • The World’s Famous Financial Gurus

    Recently, Business Insider released a massive list of 50 of the most powerful financial figures the world over for the year 2015. The deciding factors that earned these power players a spot on the list were 4 key areas: economic power, impact, command and newsworthiness. From that list, 16 of the most powerful financial people […]

  • ICO vs IPO: A reality check and whats the difference?

    Even today, people really don’t know much about the associated differences between ICO and IPO. ICO is the abbreviated form of Initial Coin Offering, while IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. Those who have a close association with stock markets & wall street generally know about the IPO’s. When it comes to blockchain technology, ICO […]

  • ICO (Initial Coin Offering) – Best way to raise funds?

    If you’re looking forward to one of the biggest trends in today’s cryptocurrency world, then you can surely pick Initial Coin Offering aka ICO. It is also regarded as the future of the fundraising amidst global level. A small tech company with the aid of ICO raised over $150 million USD in just three hours. […]

  • Top 14 quotes from the Self Made Billionaires teaching about Building Businesses

    Opportunities lies in the place where the complaints are – Jack Ma Jack Ma talks about obvious opportunities present in the world. Aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have to go hunting for opportunities. Wherever there are major complaints, there are money making opportunities If you solve those problems. If we are a good team and know what […]

  • The Next Billion Dollar Industries to Tap Into

    The next big thing is always sought after. Managers are looking for the next biggest basketball player or the football player who will bring millions in value to the team. Stock Market Investors are looking for the next big company to invest in that will give them unimaginable returns. People are always looking for that […]

  • How to become an Financial Influencer and Make Money in Singapore

    Is there a person in your life, who you take advice from and listen to intently? Everybody has a person like this in his or her life. They can be parents, siblings, friends, colleagues etc. It is safe to say that this person has an Influence in your life. Scale this relationship to thousands of […]

  • Warren Buffet’s Early Investment Strategy

    The Oracle of Omaha they call Warren Buffet because of his almost unwavering skills in predicting the stocks that will grow. Bill Gates very recently celebrated 25 years of his friendship with Warren Buffet and had this to say about the latter. Warren earned a reputation as the “Oracle of Omaha” for his shrewd approach […]

  • Will it be safer when MAS regulate Singapore Crowdfunding

    Recently, the local crowdfunding scene has received a great boost in terms of regulation, as the national financial regulator, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), just made changes to the rules concerning equity-based crowdfunding and debt-based crowdfunding. This is clearly due to the fact that crowdfunding would be here to stay in the global scene and to be […]

  • Is Wine Investment Safe?

    Not a lot of things in this world are better when it gets older. But some products out there are deemed more valuable, the older they get. Wine is a great example of such a product. People’s fascination for wine has just increased over the years and it has become something of major value. It […]

  • Why are Singapore Unit Trusts sexy?

    Why are Singapore Unit Trusts sexy?

    There are bucket loads of Investment options available to the retail investor in Singapore and it can be mind boggling to consume all that content and try to make a decision. An investment decision is hard to make as you are putting your money to double it or triple and not erode it. Talking about […]

  • Advice to the young from Hong Kong’s richest man – Li Ka Shing

    Advice to the young from Hong Kong’s richest man – Li Ka Shing. He talks about splitting our income into 5 parts. 30% – Living expenses. (i.e Food, transport) 20% – Social expenses. (i.e Phone bills, socialising) 15% – Education & Self-improvement. 10% – Travelling abroad. 25% – Investments, for savings or for starting a business. […]