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  • eToro Singapore Review

    eToro is a reputable multi-asset brokerage firm and a social trading broker headquartered in Israel. Since its inception in 2007, the FCA-regulated platform has grown exponentially and now serves international markets such as Australia and the United Kingdom. eToro is a legitimate entity as it is monitored by a renowned regulator. Its operation is characterized […]

  • How to invest in Singapore stock market for beginners with little money

    Being readers of this blog, most of you will know stock markets are great for a long term investment. It helps build wealth by capital appreciation. A lot has been spoken about the power of compounding and its impact on wealth. But in all these conversations, there’s something that hasn’t been spoken as much. Read […]

  • Etoro Singapore – Social Trading? Copy Trading? What is that?

    The power of the crowd has been leveraged in the recent past with startups like Kickstarter. Even startups like Uber need multiple people to use it for it to be an effective service. Quora also has leveraged the power of the crowd for knowledge transfer and sharing. Now, you can use the power of the […]

  • What is CFD and How it works in Singapore?

    Contracts for a difference, CFD is an interesting investing opportunity in the stock markets. A contract for difference is as simple as it sounds. There is a buyer and seller who set-up a contract in during the beginning of the trade and the person makes money depending on the price of the stock during the […]

  • Review

    Before we begin to review, every one of us must learn a quick overview about Forex Trading. If you are interested or are planning to venture into forex trading, this article will guide you through everything you need to know about one of the most popular forex trading sites globally, Let’s go! What […]

  • How do you invest in Silver?

    Why is Gold and Silver Valuable? Humanity has had an affinity with precious metals since almost the beginning of time. Gold and silver have been sought after because of their properties. They are noble metals and the least reactive among all of them. They resist corrosion and oxidation. You can make a gold scepter and […]

  • How to beat your Singapore banks interest rate with Investment Linked Insurance Policy

    Investment-Linked insurance is often suggested to us by insurance agents as one of the best investment tool available out there – it combines investment and insurance into one product. But, is it really as good as they claim it to be? What is an Investment-Linked Insurance Policy (ILP)? It is an insurance product that contains […]

  • CPF Lease Buyback Scheme

    Lease Buyback Scheme (LBS) Lease Buyback Scheme is one of the schemes offered by the Singapore Government to aid its elderly to cope with their retirement. It aims to provide the elderly with a monthly income stream while allowing then to continue living in their current flat. Basic Idea/Concept You sell part of your flat’s […]

  • How Singapore Stocks perform vs CPF returns

    In our previous article, we compared Gold to CPF. The results show that while gold provides a slightly higher return than CPF, the risk (price swing) associated with gold is also much higher. As such, gold should be invested only if investors can buy and keep for a very long time (think 10 years or […]

  • ICO vs IPO: A reality check and whats the difference?

    Even today, people really don’t know much about the associated differences between ICO and IPO. ICO is the abbreviated form of Initial Coin Offering, while IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. Those who have a close association with stock markets & wall street generally know about the IPO’s. When it comes to blockchain technology, ICO […]

  • Cryptocurrency: Where to buy if your based in Singapore?

    In this technologically driven era, the digitalisation of currency is not a thing of the future. Digital currencies have become an integral part of economies all around the globe. With the advent of mobile wallets, credit cards, debit cards and internet banking systems, innovation has not been known to take a step back. One of […]

  • Lets talk about Cryptocurrency and whether they suit your Investment Portfolio

    Blockchain, the new technology that is getting a lot of attention, coverage, and hype from around the world. There have been many claims over how this new technology can revolutionise, or even disrupt many industries, including the new economies – the sharing economy companies like Grab, AirB&B, etc. One popular example of this technology is […]