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  • WeBull Singapore Review

    Most beginners find investing an intimidating ordeal. But unlike in the past, today it is much easier to start, thanks to new platforms and tools. WeBull is one of the beginner-friendly investing platforms that traders can leverage. In this review, we will dive deep and get to understand what WeBull is, and what it can […]

  • How to Invest Gold in Singapore?

    I am sure all of us know about the all-so-mighty and ever-important yellow shiny metal which was used centuries ago. It’s magical lure? It is a commodity with a limited supply and growing demand (from electronics to hedging against inflation). Let’s talk about how we can acquire this precious metal into our portfolio. Gold Investments […]

  • Robinhood Review

    What makes Robinhood different from others is that they do not charge commissions for options, stock, or cryptocurrency trading. Because the industry has been going through a lot of changes lately, some more companies are following suit- offering free commissions. This makes you wonder; how do they make money then? Robinhood’s target market is the […]

  • How to Buy Basic Attention Token

    One of the wonders that arose from the rise of the digital age is cryptocurrency. It is basically digital money used in numerous financial transactions online. Cryptocurrency is decentralized which means there are no central authority that dictates or regulates this currency. There are various cryptocurrencies created but the most popular among them are bitcoin […]

  • How to buy Nexo token?

    The development of technology has paved the way for a new form of currency that enables online financial transactions without using actual money. Most popularly known as cryptocurrency, this digital money has changed the online arena and is currently a hot topic among investors and corporations. But can we really replace the use of money […]

  • How do you invest in Silver?

    Why is Gold and Silver Valuable? Humanity has had an affinity with precious metals since almost the beginning of time. Gold and silver have been sought after because of their properties. They are noble metals and the least reactive among all of them. They resist corrosion and oxidation. You can make a gold scepter and […]

  • Top 5 Foreign Investors for Singapore Properties

    As we all know, nowadays people are very fond of for buying the properties. Also in Singapore, people showing their interest in buying the properties and most of them are foreigners. In 2012, foreigners were pulling back themselves from the residential property market due to the implementation of the additional buyer’s stamp duty but now […]

  • ICO vs IPO: A reality check and whats the difference?

    Even today, people really don’t know much about the associated differences between ICO and IPO. ICO is the abbreviated form of Initial Coin Offering, while IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. Those who have a close association with stock markets & wall street generally know about the IPO’s. When it comes to blockchain technology, ICO […]

  • Lets talk about Cryptocurrency and whether they suit your Investment Portfolio

    Blockchain, the new technology that is getting a lot of attention, coverage, and hype from around the world. There have been many claims over how this new technology can revolutionise, or even disrupt many industries, including the new economies – the sharing economy companies like Grab, AirB&B, etc. One popular example of this technology is […]

  • Should I BUY Condo or HDB – Emphasis on HDB investment

    It can be a case where you had opted for a BTO through the ballot and after years of cumbersome wait, you finally move into your new home. Maybe you are newlyweds, it is obvious that attachment develops with your first home. There comes a time after 4 years of your HDB’s minimum occupation, you […]

  • 4 Ways the Ethereum Bubble Could POP just like That…

    Recently, Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer posted a video clip to his official YouTube channel where he explained how a sudden fall is caused by the frenzy around Initial Coin Offerings in the price of ether that is known as the major part of the Ethereum network. Palmer states four different ways on why the bubble […]

  • CPF Housing Grant for Resale HDB to be increase for First Time Buyer

    In the Budget 2017, Finance Minister Heng Hwee Kiat made the announcement to increase the CPF Housing Grants available for first-timer families buying a resale HDB. The grant amount will increase from the $30,000 currently to $50,000 (4-room or smaller resale flat) or $40,000 (5-room or larger resale flat). This new enhancement has taken effect […]