Category: Investment Opportunities

  • Treating your CPF Special Account and Retirement Account as a Bond Investment

    Most Singaporeans consider their money in CPF as untouchable for any purpose other than for paying their housing loan, student loan or medical bills (More on CPF Schemes here). There is one more way to view your CPF money, particularly the money in your Special Account (SA) and Retirement Account (RA). You can view them […]

  • What is Bitcoin and why it’s going to be the future of currency

    Our world is going through massive changes at an unprecedented rate. You know everything is going topsy-turvy when you hear that there’s a new currency in town conjured out of thin air. You must have heard of Bitcoin and if you haven’t it’s a cryptocurrency founded to eliminate the problems of the existing financial system. […]

  • Best Way to Earn Money without MUCH Investment

    We live in an equal access world. Armed with the Internet and hunger for passion, anybody can become somebody in this world. A lot of people want to live better lives but don’t know how to get there. They want to live a wealthier life. For those of you who want to get your affairs […]

  • Essential things to know when Buying a BTO flat in Singapore

    Booking a BTO flat with your fiance/fiancee 1. Book a BTO with your fiance/fiancee. You will need to pay the option fee, a portion of the purchase price (10% for HDB loan & 20% for a bank loan), stamp duty and legal fees, all of which can be paid via your CPF or cash. The rest of […]

  • The Next Billion Dollar Industries to Tap Into

    The next big thing is always sought after. Managers are looking for the next biggest basketball player or the football player who will bring millions in value to the team. Stock Market Investors are looking for the next big company to invest in that will give them unimaginable returns. People are always looking for that […]

  • George Soros and The Black Wednesday Trade : 1 man 1 day $1 Billion USD

    If there ever was a lesson we need to take from the Black Wednesday trade, it is, artificially controlling something that cannot be controlled is bound to backfire on you. Prior to the European Union being commissioned there was something called the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM for short). Post the world war the European […]

  • Is Wine Investment Safe?

    Not a lot of things in this world are better when it gets older. But some products out there are deemed more valuable, the older they get. Wine is a great example of such a product. People’s fascination for wine has just increased over the years and it has become something of major value. It […]

  • How to Escape the Rat Race?

    There are many articles and books out there on getting out of a rat race with many still unclear of this particular race that is “unscrupulous and sucking the life energy out of many working adults”. It is definitely no mystery since we are all wired into believing that it is a normal cycle to […]

  • Advice to the young from Hong Kong’s richest man – Li Ka Shing

    Advice to the young from Hong Kong’s richest man – Li Ka Shing. He talks about splitting our income into 5 parts. 30% – Living expenses. (i.e Food, transport) 20% – Social expenses. (i.e Phone bills, socialising) 15% – Education & Self-improvement. 10% – Travelling abroad. 25% – Investments, for savings or for starting a business. […]