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CIMB FastSaver Account Review Singapore 2024

In evaluating the CIMB FastSaver account, I am scrutinising a high-interest savings account option available in Singapore, appreciated by many for its straightforward approach and lack of complex criteria. My review will consider the various features that the FastSaver account offers, including interest rates, fees, and the ease of online banking. The goal is to offer an informative overview that could assist savers in making an educated decision about whether this account aligns with their financial aspirations.

When discussing the interest rates, the FastSaver account distinguishes itself by offering tiered interest rates that incentivise higher savings without demanding a mandatory credit card spend or salary crediting. I’ll look into how the interest rates compare to other savings accounts on the market, delving into the subtleties that could influence one’s potential earnings.

Moreover, my analysis includes a look at the fee structure of the CIMB FastSaver account, a critical aspect for any saver. By understanding the absence of monthly maintenance fees and the conditions under which fees may apply, individuals can better assess how this savings vehicle could fit into their broader financial planning. Equally important is the digital banking capability of CIMB, which I’ll explore to ascertain how it enhances the user experience and accessibility of the FastSaver account.

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Overview of CIMB FastSaver Account

The CIMB FastSaver account is my first port of call for an online savings account that combines ease of use with competitive interest rates. As a fully digital account provided by CIMB, a universal bank known for its financial services in Singapore and Southeast Asia, it caters to my banking needs without the necessity of visiting a branch.

I appreciate its tiered interest rates, as they motivate me to boost my savings. With no multiple conditions to fulfil, my earnings are straightforward:

Account BalancePrevailing Interest Rates (p.a.)*
First S$25,0001.50%
Next S$25,0002.50%
Above S$75,0000.80%

I’m also relieved there are no monthly fees or minimum balance to worry about after the initial deposit, making it convenient and cost-effective. Furthermore, the account offers me the ease of managing my funds and investments online, which suits my digital-first lifestyle.

As part of the ASEAN’s fifth-largest banking group, I’m confident in the security and reliability of banking with CIMB. Their move to create value for Singaporeans through accounts like FastSaver shows a clear understanding of the modern saver’s needs. It certainly simplifies my banking experience while allowing me to maximise savings growth potential effectively.

Account Features and Benefits

In this section, I examine the attributes and advantages of the CIMB FastSaver Account, focusing on its competitive interest rates, absence of fall-below fees, and enticing additional perks for an optimal banking experience.

Competitive Interest Rates

My CIMB FastSaver Account offers a tiered interest rate structure that enables me to earn higher returns as my savings increase. The base interest rate starts competitively, and as my account balance grows, I can unlock bonus interest rates, further maximising my savings potential.

No Fall-Below Fees and Minimum Deposit

One remarkable aspect of my account is the absence of fall-below fees. I appreciate not having to worry about maintaining a certain balance to avoid penalties. Additionally, I am not required to make a minimum deposit, which makes opening and maintaining this account stress-free.

Additional Perks and Promotions

CIMB Bank periodically offers promotions that enhance the value of my FastSaver Account. These can range from cash credit rewards for meeting certain criteria to preferential rates on other financial products. I remain attentive to such promotions to maximise my benefits.

Online Banking with CIMB Clicks

CIMB Clicks is the digital banking platform I use to manage my FastSaver Account conveniently. Through CIMB Clicks, I can easily perform transactions, monitor my account activity, and manage my finances efficiently from anywhere at any time.

Interest Rate Structure

The CIMB FastSaver Account offers competitive interest rates that comprise a base rate and potential bonus interest.

Base Interest Rate

My base interest rate is a flat rate that applies to the entire balance in the account. The current base rate is 1.50% p.a., which I provide without the need for a minimum balance or account-related transactions.

Bonus Interest Rates

This savings account offers bonus interest rates on top of my base rate for incremental fresh funds balance. These are the additional rates applicable on different balance tiers:

  • For balances up to S$75,000, I can get a tiered interest rate up to as high as 3.50% p.a.
  • Balances over S$75,000 get just 0.80%.

The effective interest rate thus reaches up to 2.50% p.a. on your incremental fresh funds balance, rewarding savers who increase their month-on-month savings. All rates are subject to change, and terms and conditions apply.

Account Requirements and Eligibility

Before opening a CIMB FastSaver account, I need to ensure that I meet specific criteria and have the necessary documents ready. This section will guide me through the minimum initial deposit required, the documentation I need to provide, and the eligibility criteria.

Minimum Initial Deposit

The minimum initial deposit for a CIMB FastSaver account is SGD 1,000. I must deposit this amount when I open the account to activate it. This is also the minimum amount for me to start earning interest.

Documentation Needed

To open an account, I must provide the following documents:

  • For Singaporeans/Permanent Residents:
    • A copy of my NRIC (front and back)
  • For Foreigners:
    • A copy of my passport with at least 6 months of validity
    • Proof of residential address in Singapore, such as a recent utility bill or bank statement

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to open a CIMB FastSaver account are as follows:

  • I must be at least 16 years of age.
  • I need to be either a Singaporean citizen, a Permanent Resident, or a foreigner with valid passes.
  • If I’m a foreign applicant, I will need to present additional supporting documents relating to my residential status in Singapore.

Please note that terms and conditions and the bank’s policies may affect the account opening, so it’s essential to check the latest information with CIMB before proceeding.

Application Process

Applying for a CIMB FastSaver account in Singapore is straightforward. I’ll take you through the online application steps and detail the banking channels available for account access.

Online Application Steps

The online application for a CIMB FastSaver account is user-friendly, following these steps:

  1. Eligibility Check: I ensure I meet the criteria, which typically includes being at least 16 years old and having a valid NRIC or Passport.
  2. Form Completion: I complete the application form on the bank’s website, ensuring my personal details are accurate.
  3. Document Upload: I upload the necessary documents, which may include a photograph of my NRIC, proof of address, and more.

Banking Channels for Account Access

Once my account is set up, I access my CIMB FastSaver account through various channels:

  • Online Banking: The most convenient 24/7 access to my account.
  • Mobile Banking App: For banking on-the-go, I download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Branches: I can visit a local branch for in-person assistance.
  • Customer Support: For queries, I can call the customer support hotline or email for help.

My application can be tracked online, and I’ll receive notifications via email regarding the status of my application.

Banking Services and Products

In my review, it is imperative to acknowledge that CIMB offers a comprehensive suite of banking services and products, designed to cater to a diverse clientele with varied financial needs.

CIMB’s Range of Financial Offerings

My exploration of CIMB’s financial offerings reveals a broad portfolio designed to meet the needs of different customers. Savings solutions like the FastSaver account are just the tip of the iceberg. Customers benefit from a tiered interest rate system that encourages more savings. In addition to savings, the CIMB Visa Signature Card is noteworthy, providing competitive cashback rates on categories such as dining, online spending, and groceries.

For borrowers, there are various types of personal loans available, with competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms. CIMB doesn’t stop at personal loans; their home loan products are also attractive, offering various options for home loan payments that cater to homeowners looking for affordability and flexibility.

Islamic Banking and Shariah-Compliance

When it comes to Islamic Banking, my review finds that CIMB adheres strictly to Shariah-compliant products. Their offerings include a range of services designed to meet the requirements of the Islamic faith. This ensures that all banking activities, from savings to investment banking and asset management, comply with Shariah laws.

CIMB’s commitment to Shariah-compliance extends to insurance too, offering Takaful, which is a co-operative system of reimbursement in case of loss, compliant with Islamic legal principles. What’s more, their Islamic banking services are not just limited to personal finance; they offer comprehensive options for businesses as well.

Deposits and Balance Management

I find it crucial to have a clear understanding of how to manage deposits and maintain optimal balances in a CIMB FastSaver Account. This knowledge ensures that account holders like myself can maximize returns effectively.

Understanding the Tiered Interest System

The tiered interest system offered by the CIMB FastSaver Account is straightforward—interest rates increase with the account balance. However, there is a cap on the balance that earns the highest rate. I ensure that the end-of-month balance in my account follows the tiers set by the bank to benefit from the higher interest rates. It’s important to note that any balance exceeding the tier’s limit will accrue interest at a lower rate. Below is a clear representation of how the interest is structured:

Balance Tier (SGD)Interest Rate (p.a.)
First S$25,0001.50%
Next S$25,0002.50%
Next S$25,0003.50%
Above S$75,0000.80%
*Interest rates are subject to change and depend on the bank’s current offer.

Maintaining Balances for Optimal Gains

I am careful to maintain my end-of-month balance so it doesn’t dip below the required threshold for the higher interest tiers. I deposit fresh funds before the month-end cut-off date to ensure that I take full advantage of the tiered rates. As an account holder, I also benefit from the Deposit Insurance Scheme in Singapore, which protects my deposits up to the limit specified by the scheme. This scheme gives me the confidence that my money up to the insured amount is secure, irrespective of the bank’s financial situation.

Fees and Charges

When considering the CIMB FastSaver Account in Singapore, it’s important to be aware of the various fees and charges that may apply. These can affect the overall cost of maintaining the account.

Account Maintenance and Transaction Costs

Initial Deposit: To open a FastSaver Account, a minimum initial deposit of SGD 1,000 is required and this is also the minimum amount to earn interest.

Fall-Below Fee: Account holders must maintain a minimum balance to avoid a fall-below fee. Should my balance dip below SGD 1,000, a fall-below fee of SGD 15 is charged monthly.

Transaction TypeCharges
Counter TransactionSGD 5
Early Account ClosureSGD 50
ATM Card and/or linking of account of existing ATM CardSGD 10

I would incur a fee of SGD 5 for transactions made over the counter at the bank. This encourages me to make use of electronic banking services.

If I decide to close my account within 6 months of opening it, an early account closure fee of SGD 50 would be levied. This is quite high.

Additional Banking Features

My CIMB FastSaver Account offers more than just savings. It’s a gateway to a suite of additional banking features that enhance my financial flexibility and reward my spending.

CIMB Credit Cards and Rewards

I find CIMB credit cards to be quite rewarding, particularly when it comes to earning cashback on my expenditures. For every purchase made with my CIMB credit card, I receive a certain percentage back as cashback, which can add up quickly depending on my monthly spending. Here, I’ve summarised the key elements of CIMB’s credit card rewards:

  • Cashback: Offers up to 10% cashback on specific categories.
  • Rewards: Earns points on every purchase, redeemable for vouchers and products.

Convenience of Digital Banking Services

When it comes to digital banking, the CIMB FastSaver Account provides me with secure and rapid transfer services. This convenience is critical in my day-to-day banking, and here are the features I utilise frequently:

  • Fast Transfers: Interbank transfers are efficient and secure, which allows me to manage my finances promptly.
  • Digital Banking Services: 24/7 access to my account through the CIMB mobile app and internet banking services.

The integration of these features with my CIMB FastSaver Account ensures that I can manage my savings and spending efficiently and with ease.

Comparison With Other Savings Accounts

In this section, I compare the CIMB FastSaver account with the DBS Multiplier, OCBC 360, and UOB Stash accounts. My focus is to highlight the key differences in interest rates, benefits, and requirements, assisting in a clearer decision-making process when selecting a savings account.

CIMB FastSaver vs DBS Multiplier

I find the CIMB FastSaver account to be a straightforward savings option with minimal fuss related to requirements. In contrast, the DBS Multiplier account rewards customers with higher interest rates for higher transaction volumes across multiple product categories. One would need to credit their salary and make transactions in categories like credit card spend, investment, insurance, or mortgage to maximise their returns.

CIMB FastSaver Interest Rate: Starts at 1.5% p.a. with no minimum spend or salary credit requirements. 

DBS Multiplier Interest Rate: Up to 3% p.a. when fulfilling the realistic criterias across different categories.

Contrast With OCBC 360

The OCBC 360 account takes a tiered approach, similar to DBS Multiplier, but with different conditions focused on salary crediting, bill payments, and wealth growth. My observation is that OCBC 360 tends to be favoured by individuals who can consistently meet these criteria to enjoy higher interest rates.

CIMB FastSaver: Offers a simple rate with a lower balance requirement for maximum interest. OCBC 360 Account Interest Rate: Up to 4.65% p.a., conditionally based on meeting specific account actions.

How It Stacks Against UOB Stash

While examining the UOB Stash account, I note that it aims at savers who maintain and gradually increase their account balance. The CIMB FastSaver, in this regard, appeals for its sheer simplicity without mandatory increments.

CIMB FastSaver: Steady rates and a no-frills approach to savings. 

UOB Stash Account Interest Rate: Up to 5.00% p.a., encouraged by tiered interest for growing savings.

Customer Service and Support

I find that providing comprehensive customer service and support stands at the core of CIMB FastSaver Account’s reputation amongst its users in Singapore.

Branches and Customer Care

The extensive network of CIMB Bank branches across Singapore is a testament to their dedication to customer service. At each branch, customers can receive personalised guidance for the CIMB FastSaver Account. In addition to branches, customers have access to an array of commercial centres and trade service centres, which cater to more specialised banking needs.

If you need an ATM card, there will be charges as this is largely an online saving account. Furthermore it is hard to find CIMB atms in Singapore, the only one I know is at the Raffles Place Branch.

For more complex queries pertaining to global markets or investment opportunities, clients can speak with financial experts who harness CIMB’s strong staff strength and expertise. The bank ensures that each customer interaction is backed by knowledgeable professionals.

CIMB’s customer care is not limited to in-person visits; they also offer robust telephone and online support channels. This multi-channel approach makes it easier for account holders to manage their finances effectively.

It is my assessment that with their focus on accessibility, expertise, and comprehensive support, CIMB’s customer service framework for the FastSaver Account holders aligns well with the diverse needs of Singapore’s banking clientele.

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