Cost of Living in India – Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai Comparison

Over the past few years, India has become the desired destination for expats worldwide. The Indian markets have opened up and there is a lot of investment pouring into the country. Due to these opportunities, there are many companies setting up shop in top cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. These have increased the opportunities for local Indians and expats alike. This influx of people has changed the financial demographics of these cities. So how much does it cost to stay in cities such as Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai? 

Let’s find out! 


Cost of Living In India Calculator 

For the sake of comparison, we will only compare the major expenses such as Rent, Transport and Entertainment expenses, as these are the most variable across cities. The cost of everyday products is same across cities. Here is a table that gives you the cost of daily products such as groceries and vegetables. 

Cost of Living Table in India – Daily Expenses (Metro Cities)

Bread50 Rs
Milk (One Litre)50 Rs to 60 Rs
Rice (One Kilogram)40 Rs to 60 Rs
Chicken (One Kilogram)240 Rs
Internet Expenses1000 Rs to 1800 Rs
Water Bottle (One Litre)15 Rs to 20 Rs
Vegetables (One Kilogram)25 Rs to 100 Rs
Gym Membership(Per Month for a Yearly Plan)1200 Rs 

Bangalore Cost of Living

Bangalore has been the preferred destination for tech folks for almost 3 decades in India. There has been so much foreign investment in Bangalore that it has become one of the top startup cities in the world. For such a rise in fortunes, the cost has remained pretty much the same, except with slight increases here and there. Over 100,000 people move into Bangalore every year for jobs and opportunities. So what does it cost to live in Bangalore? 

Rent in Bangalore

Rent is one of the biggest boons in Bangalore. Considering the demand, the prices haven’t increased by much. You could get a 1BHK apartment for about 15,000 Rs to 20,000Rs in posh and popular areas such as Indiranagar and Koramangala. The other areas in the periphery cost much lesser. Areas such as Banaswadi and BTM layout, you get to rent for as cheap as 10,000 Rs a month for a 1BHK apartment. The only major issue with Bangalore’s rental situation is the security deposit. The security deposit is 10 months rental advance, which is ridiculous and one of the biggest banes in the rental industry of Bangalore. 

Electricity Expenses in Bangalore

Electricity in Bangalore is one of those expenses you can definitely cut down on. Although people say you don’t need air conditioning in Bangalore, that is not true. You will need it during the months of March to June. In those 4 months, you can expect your electricity bill to reach 2000 Rs to 3000 Rs a month. In the other months, you might not even use a fan and your electricity bill will range from 700 Rs to 1500 Rs. 

Entertainment Cost in Bangalore

There are a lot of entertainment options in Bangalore and it’s one of the best cities to be in if you want to have a fantastic time. The average ticket cost for a movie is around 250 Rs to 280 Rs. During the weekends, this price increases to 300 Rs to 350 Rs. There is no cap on ticket pricing. If you want to step out for a night out in a pub, you can get a bottle of Indian beer for about 150Rs to 300 Rs. You can buy the same bottle for MRP at a liquor store for 90 Rs. When it comes to food options, high-end places in Bangalore cost about 1500 Rs per person. If you want a simple breakfast at a small restaurant, you can get a good meal for about 30 to 40 Rs. 

Travel Cost in Bangalore

Bangalore is known for its horrendous traffic and if you want to make sure that you don’t spend your living days amongst the traffic, then it’s better to take an Uber or Ola or even a bike taxi service such as Rapido. Uber and Ola’s typically will cost you around 100 Rs for a kilometre with the minimum fare being around 90 Rs. For a distance of 5 to 6 km, it will cost you around 200 Rs. 

 Bike taxis are way cheaper, you can get them around for 60Rs to 70 Rs for a 6-kilometre distance. There are apps such as Bounce, where you can rent a bike for cheap. There is a minimum fare of 16 Rs and a few rupees for each kilometre. If you truly want to travel for cheap in Bangalore, there are numerous options without having to break the bank or waste your time. 

Mumbai Cost of Living 

Mumbai has the fulcrum of India’s growth story. From the humble beginnings of business titans such as Dhirubhai Ambani to the dizzying world of Bollywood, Mumbai has it all. This is the city that has the most expats as well because most foreign companies have a presence in Mumbai. Living in Mumbai takes its toll. On one side, you get the cheapest of foods for a few rupees and on the other side, you have arguably the most expensive rental in Asia. Mumbai handles this extreme with ease. So how much would it cost you to be living in Mumbai? 

Rent in Mumbai

If there’s anything Mumbaikars dread, it’s the rent. The rents in Mumbai is ridiculously high and it is neck and neck to top cities such as Sydney, New York and other big cities in the world. 1BHK apartments can cost up for 35,000 Rs to 40,000 Rs in posh locations like Lower Parel. Some parts of Mumbai, such as Navi Mumbai can have slightly affordable rent. In areas like Pavel, you can find a 1BHK apartment for 20,000 Rs. Areas like Govandi and Chembur, you can find a 2.5 BHK for about 65,000 Rs to 75,000 Rs. The best part is the security deposit. It is about 2 months rent and that is the saving grace. Most young professionals share apartments in Mumbai to make the cost bearable. 

Electricity Expenses in Mumbai 

Mumbai’s weather can be termed as ‘sultry’. It gets very hot during the summers which require air conditioning. In a lot of Mumbai households, electricity runs every day, throughout the year. But if you are lucky and are slightly in the outskirts of the city and in a 16th-floor apartment, you might not need air conditioning. But on average, it sets you back by 3000 Rs a month. Spending lesser in Mumbai for electricity will be hard as most people cannot tolerate humid and hot weather. 

Entertainment Cost in Mumbai

Mumbai is a maximum city. It has all sorts of entertainment. When it comes to movie prices, the tickets during the weekdays range from 150 Rs to 180 Rs and over the weekend, this price increases all the way up to 400 Rs or 500 Rs. A pint of a domestic beer in Mumbai will set you back by 180 Rs. Alcohol is more expensive in Mumbai compared to Bangalore. A night out in Mumbai can easily set you back by 4000 Rs to 5000 Rs. But when it comes to eating snacks and small meals, Mumbai steps up. You can find breakfast for as cheap as 20 Rs to 25 Rs. 

Travel Cost in Mumbai 

Mumbai’s traffic is probably only slightly better than Bangalore. It has services like Uber and Ola. These cost 99 Rs minimum for a ride and then 7 Rs a kilometre. In Mumbai traffic, it can be quite expensive. There are bike taxi services such as Rapido which would cost you 20 to 40 Rs for a 3 to 4km distance. When you don’t find any of these services reliable, you can always find the autos of Mumbai. They never charge a dime extra and are super fast! 

Delhi Cost of Living 

Delhi has been one of those cities that have been relatively unharmed due to excess migration. The rental and the cost of living has not dramatically increased, even though hundreds and thousands of people move to the city to make a living. So what are the costs of living in Delhi? 

Rent in Delhi 

The cost of rent in Delhi is truly dependent on the area you live in. When it comes to posh areas like Greater Kailash, you need to pay around 40,000 Rs to 60,000 Rs for a 2BHK. You can find a 1BHK apartment for as cheap as 15,000 Rs. Other areas like Chanakyapuri is much more reasonably priced. 

Electricity Expenses in Delhi

Delhi is super hot. The summers are blazing hot, with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees. This means an air conditioner is a must. During the summer, the cost of electricity will be around 4000 Rs to 8,000 Rs. The winters are bitingly cold and in some houses, they have a heater on to increase the temperature. During winters the electricity can be around 2000 Rs to 3000 Rs. 

Entertainment Expenses in Delhi

Entertainment is cheap in Delhi. The cost of a movie ticket ranges from 150 Rs to 300 Rs from weekdays to weekends. But generally, you can find cheap theatres with low pricing. Going out in Delhi is relatively cheap. You can get a pint of beer for 150 Rs and you can find the same beer in liquor stores for 90 Rs. Eating out in Delhi is super cheap with many joints selling wholesome meals for 30 to 40 Rs! 

Travel Cost in Delhi 

Delhi thrives on its metros and a lot of people take the metro to save time and cost. A 26-kilometre distance will set you back only by 40 Rs and will take you 37 minutes. Cost of getting from one place to another is super cheap. 

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