10 Highest Paid Jobs in Singapore

Singapore, the super tiny country is a giant in its own right. It’s the economic capital of South East Asia and it boasts of the who’s who of the largest companies in the world. It has large real estate conglomerates, financial corporations, young startups and many more. People from all over the world flock to Singapore to get a job in one of the most thriving countries in the world. So who are the big earners in Singapore? Which field makes the most income?

Today we will find out the highest paid jobs in Singapore!

Top Salary Earners in Singapore

#1 – Data Scientist 

We live in a world where we are overburdened with information. There is so much data out there, that somebody needs to make sense of it. Top product and technology companies have made a provision for data scientists in their annual hiring budget and they are raking pretty good money even for entry-level offers. The average pay for data scientists is about $7,000 a month, with some going over $10,000 a month. A data scientists job is pretty demanding. It requires extensive use of tools and the ability to use statistical models to come up with conclusions that help the company improve its revenue, reduce cost, improve productivity among other things! 

#2 – Software Designer

software developer

One of the most evergreen job opportunities in the world is always in software. Even the most old-school businesses on earth are moving towards a technologically driven way of operating. It’s inevitable that software designers will have a very rost future for decades to come. A software designer is responsible for building software solutions from scratch. It requires great knowledge in programming languages and an ability to solve problems. Its a high demand job with a high skill set. On average, a software engineer at a mediocre level can earn about $5000 a month. But a software engineer can easily earn between $5000 to $9000 a month. 

#3 – Machine Learning 

machine learning

A machine learning specialist is one of the most in-demand jobs in Singapore right now. It’s on a hot streak right now, with even entry-level Machine Learning specialists making anywhere between $5000 to $7000 a month. Keep in mind, that’s for an entry level position. An experienced machine learning specialist can make anywhere from $7000 to $10,000 a month with ease. So what does this job entail? 

A machine learning engineer is fundamentally different from a normal software engineer as he works on projects that require AI skills. A machine learning engineer ensures that the AI he is developing can learn by itself and hence can continue to keep developing on its own. 

#4 – Program Manager (Financial Services)

program manager

Financial services are one of the biggest industries in Singapore with a lot of professionals earning the big bucks. Not a lot of people know what program managing means. It’s quite different compared to project management. Project management is a single project that has a starting and completing and fixed price. A program manager handles multiple programs that intertwine with the ongoing improvement of the company’s revenues. A good program manager can earn anywhere between $10,000 a month to $14,000 a month. It’s a huge demand job and it’s difficult to get this job in top financial services firms. 

#5 – UX Designer 

UX designer

With software becoming the norm across fields. Every business has a requirement to have a presence online either through an app or the web. It’s paramount for the users to have a good experience when browsing the site or an app. This can make or break the revenue of an online business. How decor is important to a hotel, UX is super important for websites and apps. A good UX designer can earn anywhere between $5000 to $9000. They have an important job that is directly connected to the revenue of a business. Bad UX means, poor revenue! 

#6 – Cyber Security Expert 

cyber security hacker

As we move toward a world where everything is becoming digital. From our cars to houses, to locks to even dustbins. Cybersecurity experts are in huge demand. As there are a lot of attacks on websites all over the world, these types of attacks will become common. A cybersecurity specialist can earn anywhere between $5000 a month to $10,000 a month. Although the number of firms hiring this type of expert is less. The future looks very promising, as more technology companies will definitely get on the bandwagon of protecting their data and information. 

#7 – Digital Marketer 

digital marketing

There are numerous companies in the world, these days. There are so many brands all vying for the same thing. A customer’s attention and their wallets. A digital marketer who is good is worth their weight in gold. It’s one of the most sought after positions in technology companies and other kinds of companies all over Singapore. Even traditional brick and mortar stores are seeking the help of digital marketers to boost their incomes. On average a digital marketer with experience can earn anywhere from $6000 a month to $10,000 a month. This job is in demand, across sectors, industries and much more. 

#8 – Human Resource Manager

human resource

In an economy like Singapore, where competition is at its peak. All the big firms are competing against each other to attract the best professionals. Leading the pack in attracting top-quality talent are HR professionals. They hire talent, the source for top talent and are also responsible for retaining top talent. An HR Professional manager with decent experience can earn anywhere from $6000 to $9000 a month. They are sought after based on their experience and becoming an HR professional can be super lucrative. If you are considering a career in HR in Singapore, then you are on the right track. 

#9 – Accounting Professionals 

One of the oldest professions in the world is the accounting. Every business has sought the help of professionals to manage their accounts. These days, accounting has much more to it. It’s basically the backbone of any organization and consulting firms like KPMG, E&Y and other similar firms have profited considerably. On average an accountant earns about $4000 a month. But that’s just for a basic accountant, but there are special accountants who help with doing feasibility reports, ROI reports and more. These type of accountants can easily earn $7000 to $9000 a month. This is the type of job that works brilliantly well across industries. 

#10 – Medical Practitioners 


You go anywhere in the world, doctors earn a lot and it’s the same thing in Singapore as well. A doctor can earn anywhere between $10,000 a month to $23,000 a month. It all depends on their years of experience and what field they specialize in. Becoming a doctor is no easy task and it takes years and years of preparation and also studying for medicine costs quite a bit! 

In-demand jobs in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best-paying nations in terms of a salary. If you have a decent white-collar job, you are sure to be richer than almost 95% of the world. But the biggest problem in Singapore is the cost of living. It’s quite expensive to live in Singapore and the only way to make more money to counter the increasing costs is to upskill and keep focusing on learning new things. 

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