How to Buy Basic Attention Token

One of the wonders that arose from the rise of the digital age is cryptocurrency. It is basically digital money used in numerous financial transactions online. Cryptocurrency is decentralized which means there are no central authority that dictates or regulates this currency. There are various cryptocurrencies created but the most popular among them are bitcoin and etherium.

Bitcoin uses the peer to peer network while etherium feature smart contracts. To this date, although the medium is still far from being a mass adopted system, majority of financial advisors still believes that this digital currency should be used by more people as it will likely become a global phenomenon.

The new ways of crypto currency

The cryptocurrency world has now adopted new systems aside from crypto buying, selling, trading and borrowing money. It has now engaged in advertising platform. This platform is created for the expansion of digital cryptocurrency services and accommodate clients in a broader sense.

Advertising and Cryptocurrency

Advertising has been used in every business model. It is a way of marketing strategy by promoting a product or service. Its goal is to reach people who are willing to purchase products or a company’s services. Advertising is highly important for every business entity. The most popular way of advertising is through traditional outlets like newspaper, television, radios, and social media.

Because the business sphere has become competitive and aggressive, they opt to have a faster way of communicating their product and it is through the use of the internet. The internet now has different platforms that accepts advertisements and most of it only accepts fiat currency as payments and only the website can benefit from the revenue generated from the ads.

When it comes to online advertising, marketers know are very much aware that no internet user is fond of seeing and opening ads in the midst of their browsing. Online users tend to avoid these online ads by using advertisement blockers.

There are a number of websites or applications that are very competitive in the digital advertising like Facebook, Google, and Twitter. It is easier for these internet sites to target use interests since they have the system where they can access the profile and personal information of their users.

Most Advertisers lack information regarding their target audience and as a result, their advertisements do not reach their market.

These problems of the publishers, advertisers, and content creators are common and even difficult to control. One thing they are concern of with their advertisement is the difficulty of targeting or reaching out their intended audience.

Since these problems of advertisers are now rising, Brave browser and Basic attention token are developed to create a better and efficient way of advertising.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave browser is partnered with Basic Attention Token which both are founded by Brandon Eic, who developed JavaScript and co-founded Mozilla. Brandon Eic is an American technologist who started his career at Silicon Graphics. He created Brave software on January 20, 2016 and launched basic attention token afterwards.

Basic Attention Token is a cryptocurrency most commonly used in the digital space. Since there are hundreds of transactions that occurs online when it comes to digital advertising and marketing, Basic Attention Token is the medium and currency in which an ad is usually paid.

As mentioned, the Basic Attention Token is only still exclusively used in the Brave Browser. Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software Inc. based on the Chromium web browser. It prioritizes security and privacy by blocking harmful advertisements.

Here are some of the best features of the software:

  1. It is the platform of advertising for websites and content creators.
  2. It has a built-in ad blocker and trackers. This means that users have the option to either select the ads they want to watch or ads they want to avoid.
  3. It has a ledger that records and monitor user’s attention to the advertisements.
  4. It targets users with specific ads. This means advertisements that are relevant are given to the interested users.
  5. It gives value to the user attention by rewarding basic attention tokens
  6. It avoids fraud advertising. Fraud advertising is common since there are several advertising pop-ups that are either a scam or virus that intentionally design to cause harm internet users.
  7. It uses Basic Attention Token (BAT) to drive revenue

In Brave browser, the basic attention token is used as a reward through the micropayments given to advertisers and users. The browser uses basic attention coin as the basis of their revenue.

the advertisers and content creators to use the software, they have to download the software and register. The internet users who want to earn BAT should not set their defaults to ads blocks in order for the advertisements to pop up.

What is Basic Attention Token?

Basic Attention Token is an ERC20 token built on top of Etherium. This token is created as a reward for every users’ mental engagement on advertisements. Basic Attention Token is a system measuring the attention of the users online.

At the same time, it tracks the users on how they interact online and store the recorded interactions using block chain technology. Block chain is like a ledger that records and store every information tracked in the system, this is also the similar kind of system that bitcoin uses. BAT is a value for every attention given by the user in which it serves as an asset which can be converted into a fiat money.

We cannot actually directly buy Basic Attention Token. However, since it is now listed in some cryptocurrency exchange sites, we can now convert fiat money to a Basic Attention Token. We can avail tokens through brave software where it is used as a reward because BAT is based on the measured attention value of the users.

The Attention Value for the ad will be calculated based on incremental duration and pixels in view in proportion to relevant content, prior to any direct engagement with the ad.

Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token

The integration of the use of basic attention token in the Brave browser has open profitable opportunities to the advertisers and internet users. Thus, it is very beneficial since each important players of the system are benefiting each other.

How do advertisers and users benefit from each other?

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The advertisers get basic attention token rewards based on the number of advertisements watched by the users. On the other hand, users are rewarded also with the token by viewing the ads and has the option of either donating or tipping some tokens to advertisers thus increasing their revenue. It is a give and take system where everybody can be profitable.

The token is not purposely designed for buying and selling or even for trading but as what mentioned earlier, there are now several crypto sites that offers the purchase and sale of these basic attention tokens.

The founder of basic attention coin and brave browser has recommended a cryptocurrency exchange site named Uphold since he has strategically partnered with them for their future developments.

Uphold is the fastest growing money platform that allows anyone to transact, convert, or hold their assets. It is a secure crypto exchange site that is compliant in following anti-money laundering regulations.

The website is working with banks in the United States and is regulated by the United States Treasury department. It is committed to keep each member’s personal information safe and secured.

There is no question why Basic Attention Token and Brave software partnered and trusted with this cryptocurrency platform.

Exchange of basic attention token to fiat cash

For the basic attention token to be exchange to a fiat cash. Here are the few easy steps on how to buy or convert basic attention token to fiat cash:

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Create an account

You may choose different crypto exchange sites other than Uphold since there are many to choose from like Coinbase or Kraken. Crypto exchange sites do require you to create your own personal account. It needs you to provide personal information including your email and a password. Make sure you give a unique and untraceable password for your privacy and protection.

Account verification

After creating an account and providing the necessary information, you need to verify your account to prevent fraud. You can verify your account through your email.

Provide your credit or debit card account

You may be hesitant to provide this information, but it is the only way for you to exchange your fiat money to basic attention token and convert such into fiat money that will also then be credited to your debit account. You may also visit your bank to verify each transaction.

Buy or Convert Basic Attention Token

After all information are completely provided, you may now exchange your desired amount of fiat money to a basic attention token or either convert your BAT reward to a fiat cash. Certain fees may apply when buying or converting basic attention token.

Basic attention token is the same as other cryptocurrencies that the value is volatile. Some sites will offer you to invest your cryptocurrency but always consider that cryptocurrency has no guarantee on having higher value in the future.

Currently, Basic Attention Token is trading at $0.213321 with BAT price 5.62% up today. The market cap of Basic Attention Token is USD 303,270,879 with 1,421,667,363 BAT circulating currently. It is observed that BAT is the least affected token among the cryptocurrencies which showed that it will not fall down at any time.

BAT is partnered with an excellent software, so it is predicted it might lead to a high adoption and growth rate but there is no 100 percent guarantee that this will be the result in the future.

Always remember that every digital value will always depends on the progress of the cryptocurrency in the digital market. By basing on the prediction, there might be a bright future for basic attention token.

Furthermore, basic attention token has changed the face of advertising. It will further improve and develop the way of advertising. More publishers, content creators and advertisers will engage in this kind of system since they are protected.

Users also are very well regarded and valued. Brave software and basic attention token together will effectively improve the advertisers’ experience thus giving them the chance to improve and profit from their marketed products and services.

There are questions about how this digital advertisement will affect the traditional way of advertising since they are now have created a fast, secure and profitable site. There is no need to be concerned about this technology considering that not everybody is involved in the digital world.

Some still choose to advertise through television and radios because almost everybody is watching listening to these mediums. There are still consumers who is more comfortable in watching advertisement through a television than in the computer.

The progress of the online world remains to be very fast, that in every step of the way, different software’s, programs and platforms continues to innovate. It gives us the easiest way to track, trace, search any websites. But we should always consider that our privacy and internet security is at stake.

It is believed that our future is facing forward and towards the digital era and that all transactions and communication in the future will be accommodated and accepted online. It will be an easy life but we cannot deny the fact that it may harm or affect us somehow.

There are many brilliant minds in the online world trying to create a better life but then there are others who wanted to infiltrate our privacy and destroy our integrity. It is always wiser for to always check, avoid or choose a web platform that will keep us away from danger.

As such, if you are an advertiser, publisher, or content creator, the Brave Browser through its Basic Attention Token system is a great way to keep your security while also earning at the same time.

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