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  • eToro Singapore Review

    eToro is a reputable multi-asset brokerage firm and a social trading broker headquartered in Israel. Since its inception in 2007, the FCA-regulated platform has grown exponentially and now serves international markets such as Australia and the United Kingdom. eToro is a legitimate entity as it is monitored by a renowned regulator. Its operation is characterized […]

  • WeBull Singapore Review

    Most beginners find investing an intimidating ordeal. But unlike in the past, today it is much easier to start, thanks to new platforms and tools. WeBull is one of the beginner-friendly investing platforms that traders can leverage. In this review, we will dive deep and get to understand what WeBull is, and what it can […]

  • How to invest in Singapore stock market for beginners with little money

    Being readers of this blog, most of you will know stock markets are great for a long term investment. It helps build wealth by capital appreciation. A lot has been spoken about the power of compounding and its impact on wealth. But in all these conversations, there’s something that hasn’t been spoken as much. Read […]

  • Etoro Singapore – Social Trading? Copy Trading? What is that?

    The power of the crowd has been leveraged in the recent past with startups like Kickstarter. Even startups like Uber need multiple people to use it for it to be an effective service. Quora also has leveraged the power of the crowd for knowledge transfer and sharing. Now, you can use the power of the […]

  • How to Invest Gold in Singapore?

    I am sure all of us know about the all-so-mighty and ever-important yellow shiny metal which was used centuries ago. It’s magical lure? It is a commodity with a limited supply and growing demand (from electronics to hedging against inflation). Let’s talk about how we can acquire this precious metal into our portfolio. Gold Investments […]

  • Cost of Living in Singapore

    The world knows the value of Singapore and how good of a country and city it is. It’s known for its ease of doing business and it is the business capital of Asia. It attracts a lot of expats and talent from other countries and it has a multi cultural mix of Chinese, Indians and […]

  • Top Udemy Courses to take in Singapore using Skillsfuture

    Courses that provides online tutorials to people are gaining high market share these days. Among the many types of online courses available, the UDEMY COURSES has become one of the most desired courses for people looking for starting a new venture in life. We will now look at the courses in brief. Udemy Singapore Courses […]

  • What is CFD and How it works in Singapore?

    Contracts for a difference, CFD is an interesting investing opportunity in the stock markets. A contract for difference is as simple as it sounds. There is a buyer and seller who set-up a contract in during the beginning of the trade and the person makes money depending on the price of the stock during the […]

  • Robinhood Review

    What makes Robinhood different from others is that they do not charge commissions for options, stock, or cryptocurrency trading. Because the industry has been going through a lot of changes lately, some more companies are following suit- offering free commissions. This makes you wonder; how do they make money then? Robinhood’s target market is the […]

  • Forex.com Review

    Before we begin to review Forex.com, every one of us must learn a quick overview about Forex Trading. If you are interested or are planning to venture into forex trading, this article will guide you through everything you need to know about one of the most popular forex trading sites globally, Forex.com. Let’s go! What […]

  • The World’s Famous Financial Gurus

    Recently, Business Insider released a massive list of 50 of the most powerful financial figures the world over for the year 2015. The deciding factors that earned these power players a spot on the list were 4 key areas: economic power, impact, command and newsworthiness. From that list, 16 of the most powerful financial people […]

  • How to Buy Basic Attention Token

    One of the wonders that arose from the rise of the digital age is cryptocurrency. It is basically digital money used in numerous financial transactions online. Cryptocurrency is decentralized which means there are no central authority that dictates or regulates this currency. There are various cryptocurrencies created but the most popular among them are bitcoin […]