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  • How to buy Nexo token?

    The development of technology has paved the way for a new form of currency that enables online financial transactions without using actual money. Most popularly known as cryptocurrency, this digital money has changed the online arena and is currently a hot topic among investors and corporations. But can we really replace the use of money […]

  • Best Cities to Live in Canada

    Canada, dubbed as the Great White North, is one of the most prominent countries in North America. Spanning over 10 million square kilometers, it is currently the world’s second-largest country. Known for its sweet maple syrups, love for hockey, and almost yearlong winters, the country has thousands of tourists per year. On the other hand, […]

  • Cost of Living in Manila

    The Philippines has become one of the world’s most popular place for foreigners to live not only because of the hospitality of the Filipino people but also due to the low cost of living. Yet, as the years go by, it is inevitable that the country will also suffer an increase in the cost of […]

  • Cost of Living in Cebu

    In 2020, Cebu will be celebrating its 455th Founding Anniversary. This old city is one of the three metropolitan areas in the Philippines alongside Manila and Davao and is considered as the capital of the Visayan region of the country. The city has almost more than 250,000 families with an average of 4 people in […]

  • Cost of Living in Japan

    If there was ever a place that has caught my fancy, then it’s Japan. Steve Jobs famously said that his favourite holiday destination was Kyoto, which is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Travelling to Japan on holiday is considerably different from living in Japan. Japan has a reputation of being […]

  • Cost of Living in Thailand

    Thailand is a place where the dream of backpacking and digital nomading takes life. Every backpacker and digital nomader has probably started their journeys in Thailand. But today’s article isn’t about Thailand the tourist place, but it’s about Thailand the place to live in.  Is it worth living in Thailand? What are the rental rates […]

  • 10 Highest Paid Jobs in Singapore

    Singapore, the super tiny country is a giant in its own right. It’s the economic capital of South East Asia and it boasts of the who’s who of the largest companies in the world. It has large real estate conglomerates, financial corporations, young startups and many more. People from all over the world flock to […]

  • How to use Google Flights to Find Cheap Flights

    Over the past few years, the entire world has caught the travel bug. With Instagram stories giving the wanderlust cravings. Everybody is flying international and checking out new cities and places. But there is always that one thing that’s on everybody’s mind. Am I overpaying for my flight tickets? Can I find something cheaper?    […]

  • Cost of Living in India – Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai Comparison

    Over the past few years, India has become the desired destination for expats worldwide. The Indian markets have opened up and there is a lot of investment pouring into the country. Due to these opportunities, there are many companies setting up shop in top cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. These have increased the opportunities […]

  • Cost of Servicing a Mercedes Benz in Singapore

    A Mercedes Benz is a status symbol and it should be treated with the utmost care. Although buying a car is expensive in Singapore, the servicing isn’t and there are myriad of servicing options in Singapore that cater to your needs. Why you should service your Mercedes Benz regularly? Avoid Big Mishaps One of the […]

  • CPF Medisave vs Medishield – What is the difference?

    We believe what most people know about CPF is that it consists of Ordinary Account, Special Account and Medisave account. Out of these 3, Medisave seems to be the only one that you cannot withdraw, use or seemingly locked into obscurity. However, one major feature of CPF is its health coverage. While Medisave is more […]

  • How do you invest in Silver?

    Why is Gold and Silver Valuable? Humanity has had an affinity with precious metals since almost the beginning of time. Gold and silver have been sought after because of their properties. They are noble metals and the least reactive among all of them. They resist corrosion and oxidation. You can make a gold scepter and […]