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Review: UOB Visa Signature Card Singapore

The UOB Visa Signature Card has consistently been a topic of interest among credit card users in Singapore, particularly for those who aim to maximize their rewards. This card offers a compelling blend of benefits tailored to cater to an array of spending habits, providing cardholders with the opportunity to earn rewards points on both local and overseas transactions. Additionally, the card is known for offering a variety of perks, including travel benefits and exclusive privileges that appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers.

In evaluating this card, it is essential to assess the card’s features in the context of spending patterns, the rewards it offers, and how these translate into tangible benefits for the users. With the UOB Visa Signature Card, users have a chance to accumulate high rewards points on their spending, which they can then redeem for a wide range of rewards. It’s important to note that while the card is rich with advantages, it also comes with certain conditions, such as minimum spend requirements, which must be met to maximize its potential.

Review: UOB Visa Signature Card Singapore

Key Takeaways

  • The UOB Visa Signature Card offers a variety of rewards, catering to both local and overseas spending.
  • Cardholders can enjoy travel benefits and exclusive privileges that enhance the card’s value.
  • Prospective users must consider spend requirements and card conditions to fully benefit.

Key Features of UOB Visa Signature Card

Our UOB Visa Signature Card offers a range of benefits aligned with lifestyle and spending patterns. We prioritize rewards on overseas spending and provide competitive features suitable for frequent travelers and those who prefer cashless transactions.

Review: UOB Visa Signature Card Singapore

Rewards and Benefits

  • Overseas Spend: Earn 10 miles (5 UNI$) per S$1 spent on overseas transactions.
  • Cashless Transactions: Benefit from contactless payment rewards with a similar earn rate as overseas spending.
  • Petrol: Transactions at petrol stations also fetch an optimized rewards rate.
  • Local Spend: For other local purchases, cardholders accumulate 0.4 miles (0.2 UNI$) for every S$1 spent.
  • Insurance: Complimentary travel insurance coverage, including S$500,000 for personal accidents and up to S$50,000 for medical assistance if accidents or illnesses occur when traveling.
  • Year-Round Privileges: Enjoy a host of UOB year-round privileges across various merchants and categories.

Eligibility and Fees

  • Minimum Age: Applicants must be at least 21 years old.
  • Minimum Income: A minimum annual income of S$50,000 is required for Singaporeans or Permanent Residents, and this may vary for foreigners.
  • Annual Fee: S$214, which is waived for the first year.
  • Effective Interest Rate (EIR): Stands at 26.9%.

Please note, rewards are subject to a cap per statement period, and it’s crucial to be mindful of the spending limit to maximize benefits.

Earning and Redeeming Rewards

In our comprehensive review, we take a detailed look at the UOB Visa Signature Card’s rewards system, which allows for the accumulation of rewards on both foreign and local spending, and the variety of options cardholders have for redemption.

Reward Points System

The UOB Visa Signature Card optimizes rewards accumulation for cardholders who reach certain spending thresholds. To elaborate:

  • Local Spend: Earn rewards when you spend a minimum of S$1,000 locally.
  • Overseas Spend: Attain an additional rewards tier by spending a minimum of S$1,000 overseas.

Cardholders should note that accumulating the maximum number of points requires meeting these thresholds, which can be easily achieved with a budget of S$2,000 per month. Monthly rewards are capped, and once you reach this cap, additional spending will not earn extra points.

Redemption Options

Redeeming the points you earn with your UOB Visa Signature Card is a straightforward process that offers flexibility:

  • Cash Rebates: Offset card statements with cash rebates using your accumulated points.
  • Miles Conversion: Convert reward points into miles for airline tickets with UOB’s travel partners.
  • Merchandise and Vouchers: Exchange points for a range of products or gift vouchers available in UOB’s rewards catalog.

It’s important for cardholders to stay informed of the redemption terms and any minimum point requirements or potential expiration of points to maximize benefits.

Travel Benefits

When considering the UOB Visa Signature Card, our travel benefits stand out, particularly our comprehensive travel insurance and the added luxury of airport lounge access.

Travel Insurance

With the UOB Visa Signature Card, we offer Public Conveyance Personal Accident coverage up to S$500,000, which provides a significant safety net for unforeseen events. Additionally, our cardholders benefit from Emergency Medical Assistance, Evacuation & Repatriation coverage of up to S$50,000. This includes accidents or illnesses incurred while traveling—and it extends to COVID-19 related medical emergencies.

Airport Lounge Access

While the specific details of airport lounge access benefits are subject to the card’s current terms and can vary, cardholders typically enjoy a certain number of complimentary lounge visits per year. These visits offer respite from the bustle of general airport terminals with amenities such as comfortable seating, refreshments, and Wi-Fi.

Exclusive Privileges

Our UOB Visa Signature Card provides a variety of exclusive privileges that enrich the cardholder experience. In this section, we touch upon the specific advantages our card offers in the realms of dining and shopping.

Dining Perks

With our UOB Visa Signature Card, we revel in the culinary delights offered by participating restaurants. We receive attractive discounts and the chance to savor 1-for-1 deals at selected eateries. These dining perks are tailored for those of us who enjoy exploring new gastronomic experiences.

Shopping Deals

When it comes to shopping, our card ensures we benefit from exclusive deals and promotions at various retail partners. Whether we’re looking for fashion, technology, or home goods, our UOB Visa Signature Card provides us with opportunities to save significantly through specially-curated offers.

Card Security Features

Our UOB Visa Signature Card comes equipped with several layers of security to ensure that our customers’ transactions are protected against unauthorized use.

EMV Smart Chip Technology: Every UOB Visa Signature Card is embedded with an EMV Chip which provides advanced security for in-store transactions and reduces the chances of counterfeit fraud.

SMS Transaction Alerts: We promptly notify our customers via SMS for any transactions conducted with their card, allowing them to quickly identify any unauthorized activity.

3-D Secure Authentication: For online purchases, the UOB Visa Signature Card is safeguarded by 3-D Secure (Verified by Visa), which adds an additional layer of authentication, ensuring that only the rightful cardholder can complete the transaction.

Contactless Payment Security: Contactless payments are not only convenient but secure due to the near-field communication (NFC) technology that requires the card to be close to the reader, limiting opportunities for skimming.

24/7 Fraud Monitoring: We continuously monitor our customers’ card activities for suspicious transactions, employing state-of-the-art technology to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

Here’s an overview of our security features:

  • EMV Chip: Reduces counterfeit fraud.
  • SMS Alerts: Instant notification of transactions.
  • 3-D Secure: Enhanced online purchase protection.
  • NFC Technology: Secure contactless payments.
  • Constant Monitoring: Vigilant fraud detection systems.

Our commitment to security allows our customers to use their UOB Visa Signature Card with confidence, knowing that robust measures are in place to protect their financial information.

Comparison with Other Cards

When looking at the UOB Visa Signature Card, it’s important to understand how it stacks up against similar offerings in the market and the distinct advantages and potential drawbacks it presents.

Similar Cards in the Market

The UOB Visa Signature Card competes closely with several other credit cards in Singapore that also cater to consumers looking for high rewards on both local and overseas spending. Cards such as the DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card and HSBC Revolution Credit Card are noteworthy comparisons.

  • The DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card offers comparable travel rewards and benefits, with a different rewards structure that may appeal to frequent flyers.
  • The HSBC Revolution Credit Card provides bonus points on mobile contactless payments and online spending, which may be more suited to digital-savvy consumers.

Both competitors offer their versions of rewards for specific spending categories, and the right choice can depend on one’s personal spending habits and reward preferences.

Pros and Cons

Understanding the Pros and Cons of the UOB Visa Signature Card is crucial for determining its value proposition:


  • Generous rewards: Earn 4 miles per dollar (mpd) on selected spending categories.
  • Versatility: Rewards apply to both local and overseas expenses.


  • Minimum spend requirement: To maximize rewards, a minimum spend of S$1,000 locally and S$1,000 overseas is required.
  • Cap on earnings: There may be a ceiling on the number of bonus miles that can be earned monthly.

Weighing these factors against personal spending patterns and reward goals is essential for choosing the most beneficial credit card.

Customer Service and Support

For holders of the UOB Visa Signature Card, we have ensured that a comprehensive customer service and support system is in place. Our team is available to assist cardholders with a variety of inquiries, addressing everything from ATM issues to loan-related questions. Our support structure is outlined as follows:

Contact Channels:

  • Phone support: Available for immediate assistance with a dedicated hotline.
  • Email support: For less urgent inquiries, where we aim to provide responses swiftly.

Frequently Addressed Concerns:

  • ATM-related queries
  • Loan guidance
  • Merchant facilities and services

Help & Support Center: At our Help & Support Center, cardholders can find valuable information and self-service options. Here are key features:

  • Reward program details—clarification on earning and redeeming UNI$.
  • Error troubleshooting—assistance with linking flyer accounts to the card.
  • UNI$ program—viewing balance and expiration dates, understanding qualification criteria.

We remain committed to delivering a support experience that is as reliable and efficient as the UOB Visa Signature Card itself. If assistance is required, we encourage cardholders to make use of our available resources to quickly resolve their issues or gain the information they need.

Application Process

When applying for the UOB Visa Signature Card, we ensure the process is streamlined and customer-friendly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to assist you in the application:

  1. Eligibility Check:
    • You must be at least 21 years old.
    • For Singaporeans or Permanent Residents, a minimum income of S$50,000 per annum is required.
    • For Foreigners, the minimum income requirement is S$80,000 per annum.
  2. Documentation:
    • For Singaporeans/PRs: NRIC, latest 3 months’ salary slips, and bank statements.
    • For Foreigners: Passport, Employment Pass, latest 3 months’ salary slips, and proof of residence.
  3. Online Application: Visit the official UOB website to fill out the application form. You’ll need to provide your personal details, employment information, and upload the required documents.
  4. Review & Approval:
    • UOB will review your application. This process typically takes about one to two weeks.
    • Upon successful review, you will receive an approval notification.
  5. Card Activation:
    • Once you receive your card, activate it through internet banking, phone banking, or at an ATM.
    • Set up a PIN for secure transactions.

Make sure all the details you provide are accurate to facilitate a smooth approval process. Should you need assistance at any stage, UOB customer service is readily available to help.


We’ve assessed the UOB Visa Signature Card against several key considerations for potential cardholders. It stands out primarily for its high reward rate on overseas expenditures, where users can earn 4 miles per S$1 spent in foreign currency—a competitive rate in the market.

In our analysis, we’ve considered the spending habits of individuals who frequently travel or make foreign currency transactions. For them, this card could be highly beneficial, especially when meeting the minimum spend requirement of S$1,000 per statement period. However, it’s important to note the cap of 2,000 Singapore dollars on which the enhanced rewards rate applies.

It’s also crucial for users to be aware of the card’s restrictions and ceilings:

  • Maximum UNI$ cap per statement period.
  • Requirement to hit the S$1,000 minimum spend for elevated rewards.

When evaluating whether to apply for the UOB Visa Signature Card, we advise factoring in personal spending patterns and the likelihood of hitting the minimum spend threshold consistently.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Reward on overseas spend: 4 miles per S$1
  • Minimum spend requirement: S$1,000 per statement month
  • Cap on high rewards: On up to S$2,000 spending
  • Income requirement: Increased over the years, reflecting the card’s positioning.

In the broader context of credit cards tailored for travelers and individuals with international spend, the UOB Visa Signature Card holds its ground. However, the value it offers is highly contingent on the cardholder’s ability to optimize their spending within the defined parameters.