Scams in Singapore – What you should be aware of

There is an increase in a number of scams worldwide and Singapore is not left behind. There has been an increasing trend in the number of scams. As per the reports, around $4 Million has already been adrift via Phone scams. Such phone scams have been noted as targeting each kind of individual right from teens to adults. In fact, the very interesting part is that even Police has not been barred from these scams.

So, let us look at the some of the Scams, Singapore has faced so that you be aware and save yourself from it.


Amongst the most infamous Scam in Singapore is the DHL Phone Impersonation scam. In the scam the targeted people receive a call from the imposer stating themselves to be employees of famous companies like DHL, SINGPOST, FEDEX and certain times Government officials as well from China or Singapore. The Imposer on the phone calls would let the target individual know about a package of drugs, fake passports or any other illegal things on their name.

After letting them know about the Illegal package, a so-called fake Police Officer talks with the victim on the call asking them their personal details like Name, address or even I.C number. After the personal details are taken, they are terrified with the legal action. To avoid any of such legal action, the scammer tells them to transfer some amount of money to a bank account in a framed time period.

Things to keep in Mind:-

The scammers may sound like a professional and call with a local Singapore number. Even if they sound Convincing, without checking facts, do not fall prey to transfer the amount. One thing is noted that all such scam calls had an automated message at the beginning.

Block of Funds till Item is not shipped Scam

Not a known scam in Singapore but it has been increasing with the potential of people becoming the target of the scammers. There is not always money involved in this scam and the scammer actually has eyes on the product listed on the popular classified websites like eBay, Craigslist, Gumtree, and others.

The scammer will present himself to be the buyer of the item listed for sale by the victim. After coming to a price he would ask for either bank transfer or online transfer via online providers like PayPal. After you send the bank or PayPal number, the fake buyer would send a snapshot of the payment done in the account. Then either you will get a mail stating it from the service provider or by the scammer that the bank requires a scanned copy of the registration done for the Shipment stating Funds will only be released when Item is shipped. This means you need to actually send the item to have a shipment number to be sent.

Things to Keep in Mind:-

Check whether the customer is genuine or not before closing any deal. Also, no banks block funds till shipment is done so even if you receive such mail from the company/bank, crosscheck it with bank or provider with their customer support and then only proceed.

Credit for Sex Scam

A rather more surging Scam in Singapore is the Credit for Meetup or Sex Scam. In fact, In March 2017 only around 55 cases have been noted under this Scam losing around $3,04,000 in 3 months. The scammer here can be either a male or female but most cases are seen where female culprits are there. They scam the males via social media platforms, befriend them and even talk via phones and messages. But when time comes to meet up they do not show.

The victim then gets a phone call from another man stating to be the agent or boss of the person talking with you. He is so good at convincing that you end up buying Gift cards or purchase credits via Apple iTunes, Alipay, Tao bao and many more. The purchase is to made for meeting up or for massages (escort services). Around $12 Million is said to have lost via this scam in 2015 and the number is increasing.

Things to keep in mind:-

Avoid making stranger friends online and even if you do never share your personal details with them. Even if somebody asks for email details, cards details, never share it as they can use it for wrong means.

I have your Child Kidnap Scam

A child is most precious to any parent and when their child is in danger, parents would go to any heights to save them. Keeping this in mind, scammers have come up with the new scam of fake Kidnapping. The Culprits would call you and make you listen to young children cry stating it to be your child. Then the culprit will talk stating that he has kidnapped your child and would ask a ransom amount to free him/her. Some of the scammers may even let you know that as they have done a crime, they want to be out of the country for which they need money.

Things to keep in mind:-

Culprits do use a local Singapore number to make the kidnapping call look more valid. The best you can do at that time is to ask the kidnapper the name of your child or let you talk with your child. This would infuriate the Kidnapper and he might hang up or would stammer.


The above-stated Scams have been increasing each year and it has become quite a threat to the people of Singapore. Hope you might have got to know about the Scams and the way out to not fall prey to it. Do Share it with your near and dear ones to make them aware too.

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