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  • How Singapore Stocks perform vs CPF returns

    In our previous article, we compared Gold to CPF. The results show that while gold provides a slightly higher return than CPF, the risk (price swing) associated with gold is also much higher. As such, gold should be invested only if investors can buy and keep for a very long time (think 10 years or […]

  • CPF Nomination in a nutshell – What you need to know

    The CPF Nomination Scheme is like a will by CPF. Money in your CPF are not covered by your will, meaning if you have made a will and included how your CPF money will be distributed, it is not legally enforceable by the Singapore’s law. You can change your Nomination whenever you like to, even […]

  • Is the New CPF LIFE Escalating Plan a good deal?

    Set to launch in the beginning of 2018, the new CPF LIFE Escalating plan is another retirement payout option for retirees to choose from beside the currently existing plan – the Basic Plan and the Standard Plan. The new plan includes 2 features: You start with a lower monthly CPF LIFE payout (20% lower than […]