Top 10 Jobs that are High Demand According to Linkedin

Last updated: March 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • Singapore’s job market is dynamic, with certain roles experiencing higher demand.
  • Skills in technology, healthcare, and finance are particularly sought after.
  • Staying informed about in-demand jobs can guide career development and educational choices.

Singapore’s evolving economy continually shapes its job market, making some positions more coveted than others. This brief dissects the most in-demand jobs in Singapore, offering a clear roadmap for those aiming to align their career paths with market needs.

Featured Snippet:
What are the most in-demand jobs in Singapore? Roles in technology, healthcare, and finance are currently among the most sought after, reflecting the country’s economic focus and growth sectors. These positions often require specialized skills that are critical to supporting Singapore’s burgeoning industries and services.

There’s so much talk about Startups and Entrepreneurship, people keep forgetting that a very good way to advance their careers is through a job. There are so many opportunities for a job seeker right now.

Linkedin, every year, religiously send out a report on the status of jobs. According to them, in the end of the year is when job applications rise and at the beginning of January is when employers start hiring rapidly as well.

This information is based on the number of companies that are looking to hire experienced professionals in that particular space.

So without further ado, here are the top ten.

  • Cloud and Distributed Computing

For those of you who are new to this, Cloud Computing is basically simply sharing resources which are provisioned based on the customer’s needs. Dropbox is a great example of Cloud Computing. They are storage providers that partition their storage among their customers based on size. A lot of SAA based businesses are built in this space and they tap into the power of the cloud to enable their services. A developer who is skilled in this is in huge demand this year and for the foreseeable future as well.

  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Data is ruling the world and it is going to become even more stronger as a differentiator in business over the years. Data mining is simply the process of making sense of abundant data through tools like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and more. The information that is mined post the process will help with decision making. A very simple example is in the e-commerce business. If an AI is able to predict the potential demand for a product just based on several different parameters, then you are data mining.

  • Web Architecture and Development Framework

The Web is over two decades old, but websites still exist and are thriving. Mobile hasn’t displaced websites. It is getting easier and easier to build web applications and because majority of this world’s work is done on laptops and desktop computers, websites are here to stay. Developers who are aware of the latest web frameworks and can rapidly create applications are in the right space.

  • Middleware and Integration Software

Middleware applications are pieces of software that are written on top of Core operating systems that perform tasks. These are softwares that aren’t built within the OS, but they interface in between the front-end and the back-end. A perfect example is that of Android OS. Android is written on top of Linux that also gives an Application Interface to it’s developers.

  • User Interface Design

User Interaction Design has quietly grown to be a in-demand job. Humans and applications need to interact with each other as seamlessly as possible and because of more and more applications that are getting simpler and easier, the work of the UI designer is getting harder. But this also makes it an in-demand job.

  • Network and Information Security

All our day-to-day products are getting digitised, this means they are susceptible to attacks. The security of our applications are getting very important. The security space is going to be one of the most in-demand in the years to come.

  • Mobile Development

It’s going to be a decade since the app revolution. There has been a barrage of companies and apps in this space. But, mobile is still hot because it’s become as important as the desktop/laptop. There will be a lot more applications built and developers are needed to perform these tasks.

  • Data Presentation

Similar to Data Mining, Data presentation involves showcasing the data into meaningful chunks that can help the viewer understand better. Just raw data can be very hard to understand and people who are able to prepare charts and graphs to present this in a manner than can be actionable will be in great demand.

  • SEO/SEM Marketing

When there is business, there will be marketing. Although the demand for SEO and SEM specialists has caught up over the years, it still is in the top ten list of in-demand jobs. Professionals who are good at SEO and SEM can command very high salaries because they affect the revenue of the business directly

  • Storage Systems and Management

When there is so much data floating around, it becomes a task to manage this. There are professionals cropping up, who focus only on storing and managing data so that their retrieval is easy. Companies that rely on data need professionals who know the latest storage standards and all the tools required to handle data effectively.

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If you are young and are looking for in-demand jobs this is a great start. If you are looking to switch jobs and have a high growth career, you have an opportunity to with these in-demand jobs. Pity banking roles are longer in the race…



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