3 things you need to know about CPF Nomination

17 Jun 2016 

3 things you need to know about CPF Nomination.png1)     A CPF Nomination provides CPF members with the option to specify who will receive their CPF savings, and how much each nominee should receive, upon their demise.


A CPF Nomination covers:

  • CPF savings in your Ordinary, Special, Medisave and Retirement Accounts
  • Unused CPF LIFE premiums,
  • Discounted SingTel shares


A CPF Nomination does not cover:

  • Properties bought using your CPF savings
  • Payouts from Dependants' Protection Scheme (DPS)
  • Cash and investments held in the CPF Investment Account under the CPF Investment Scheme-Ordinary Account (CPFIS-OA)
  • Investments held under the CPF Investment Scheme-Special Account (CPFIS-SA)


2)     There are 3 types of CPF Nomination.

You can choose how you would like each of your nominee(s) to receive your CPF savings based on their needs.


1.    Cash Nomination
The default mode of CPF nomination is cash. Your nominee(s) will receive the CPF savings due to them in cash via cheque or GIRO. 

You can also choose to make:

2.    Enhanced Nomination Scheme (ENS) Nomination
Your nominee(s) will receive the CPF savings due to them in their CPF accounts.

3.    Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS) Nomination
This scheme allows parents to nominate their children with special needs to receive the CPF savings due to them on a monthly basis.


For more information on ENS/SNSS Nomination, you can email us at member@cpf.gov.sg, or call us at 1800 227 1188. Alternatively, you can visit any of our CPF Service Centres to find out more.


3)     A will does not cover the distribution of CPF savings after death.

If you do not make a CPF nomination, your CPF savings will be transferred to the Public Trustee's Office (PTO) for distribution to your family members under the Intestate Succession Act or the Inheritance Certificate (for Muslims). The PTO charges the beneficiaries an administration fee for the distribution of your CPF savings.


You can make a cash nomination online using your SingPass. You may also visit any of our CPF Service Centres where our customer service executives can guide you through the process and can also act as your witnesses as you complete the form. To reduce waiting time, you may book an appointment with us through our CPF Appointment Service at the CPF website. Alternatively, you can complete the CPF Nomination Form after reading the instructions and mail it to us. ​ ​

Find out more about making a CPF Nomination here


Updated as at 26/2/2020

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